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Our Work – The Past and Present

Since 2010, we have partnered and collaborated with many regional organizations in Crook, Deschutes, Jefferson and Northern Klamath counties and the community of Warm Springs.  People say, you do so much, which is true!  We support many community-driving efforts to meet our mission.  This means that there are times when we provide capacity support (financial, logistical, staff) to initiate a project and then turn it over to the community to continue operating.  To us this means that the project was successful.  Other projects, like Supported CSA, were a way to bridge a gap for a limited time while we were unable to operate VeggieRx.

HDFFA has two main focus areas: Food Access and Agricultural Support and five core programs:

  1. Agricultural Support
  2. Fresh Harvest Kits
  3. Food & Farm Directory
  4. Grow & Give
  5. VeggieRx
  • Current

Programs that HDFFA is currently operating or partnering on.
  • Agriculture

Supporting Central Oregon producers to be more viable through education, funding, marketing, and relationship building. 
  • Food Access

Strengthening the ties betwen traditional food security efforts (food bank) and building healthy food systems (farm to plate). 
  • Collaborations

Working in partnership with regional farmers, ranchers, organizations and agencies that support a healthy and thriving food and farm network.
  • Past

Projects and initiatives that met our mission and are either operated by the community, are no longer needed, or changed into a different project.

Below you can see all the projects that we have worked on with support from the community.

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