Programs and Projects

Programs & Projects

HDFFA has two main focuses: food access and agricultural support and four core programs: Grow & Give, Fresh Harvest Kits, Agricultural Support and the Food & Farm Directory.  Within these programs are multiple projects, that were either initiated or supported by HDFFA in collaboration with multiple partners across the tri-county region.  We know that we are better together and recognize that it takes a lot of people to improve the food system!

Below you can see all the projects that we have worked on with support from the community.  You can filter based upon the following:

  • Current

Programs that HDFFA is currently operating or partnering on.
  • Agriculture

Support Central Oregon producers to be more viable through education, funding, marketing, and relationship building. 
  • Food Access

Strengthening the ties betwen traditional food security efforts (food bank) and building healthy food systems (farm to plate).  
  • Collaborations

Working with farms, ranches, organizations and agencies that support a healthy and thriving food and farm network.
  • Past

Over time our focus has changed but always centered on food security/access and farm/ranch support.
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