Agricultural Support

Agricultural Support

We value the farmers and ranchers who grow, raise and produce food and care for the land and animals with dignity and respect, and in a way that nourishes our community.  We support these producers to be more viable through education, funding, marketing, and relationship building. We specifically aim to improve their business and technical skills while building awareness about them and their products to the broader community; foster and develop relationships throughout the local food system; and help producers to secure funding through a variety of channels.

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Regenerative Agriculture Workshop - Photo by Annie Nichols

We improve business and technical skill sets of Central Oregon farmers and ranchers to develop more sustainable and viable agricultural operations.

Boundless Farmstead High Tunnel - Photo by Amanda Photographic

We help Central Oregon farmers and ranchers to learn about how to access and secure funding through HDFFA grant and relief programs and other public and private sources.

High Desert Food Trail Brochures - Photo by Feast Food Co

We improve consumer awareness of local producers through collaborative marketing efforts with farmers, ranchers, grocers, food businesses, and tourism organizations.

Farmer/Rancher Networking Night - Photo by Amanda Photographic

We create a more connected local food network by facilitating relationships between farmers and ranchers, customers, community members, and support organizations.

Check out the 2021-24 Agricultural Support Tri-County Action Plan to learn how HDFFA will support Central Oregon farmers and ranchers.

Find additional information on marketing, business planning, sales, land access, funding and more on our Resources Page.
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Andrea Smith

I like the “boots on the ground” trainings that HDFFA is rolling out and it is fun to attend in a farmer/rancher capacity with the eye of thinking about how these trainings can improve the CO food community. I challenge you to find one HDFFA partner (myself included) that would not benefit from improving their business skills. I personally believe that creating a strong food system comes from creating strong farm businesses.

-HDFFA Farmer/Rancher Partner, 2021

Past Projects

HDFFA is proud of the many programs it has been able to offer over the years. While these initiatives are no longer in operation, you can still read about them below.

The Farm and Ranch Resiliency Award was an opportunity for HDFFA to showcase what makes our agricultural producers and their operations resilient. From production challenges to market disruptions and climate change, producers are faced with volatility in all aspects of their business.  This award highlighted the HDFFA Partners who incorporated resilience into their business plan and educated the community on what sustainable farming truly means.

Season Extender Grants: HDFFA provided over $37,000 in greenhouses or high/low tunnel grants through the Growing it Forward project funded by USDA Community Food Project grant from 2017-2020. To be more inclusive of ranchers, we’ve expanded this program into the On-Farm Efficiency Grant

Hailstorm Emergency Relief Fund: After a devastating hailstorm and tornado hit the region of Central Oregon in 2020, HDFFA put together an Emergency Relief Fund with donations from a private donor and community members to provide emergency relief funding for farms and ranches that sustained major damage during the storm. A total of $14,000 was distributed to farmers and ranchers to rebuild lost infrastructure.

Workplace CSA Program paired local farmers with busy office employees to provide fresh local food at the convenience of their workplace. Employees sign-up for a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) share through their employer and during the summer they received fresh vegetables delivered each week. If you want to start one of these on your own, check out our Workplace CSA Toolkit!

HDFFA curates a monthly newsletter for Central Oregon farmers and ranchers, listing upcoming events, opportunities, grants, and general information. Read past months’ archived editions here.

Partners & Funders

Funding for our Agricultural Support program and associated projects is supported by:

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