Agricultural Advisory Committee

Agricultural Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Agricultural Advisory Committee is to advise the Board and Staff on the direction and success of farm and ranch support programming offered by HDFFA. This includes providing input on HDFFA programs and specific projects including educational events, workshops, and grant objectives that best meet the needs and interests of the Central Oregon farmer and rancher community.

Sheep at Double F Ranch
Sheep at Double F Ranch

About the Committee

The Agricultural Advisory Committee (AAC) was founded in May 2019 as a way for HDFFA to receive direct feedback from the farmers and ranchers it supports. Today, seven HDFFA Partner farmers and ranchers from Central Oregon and a designated Board Member and Staff person set 2-4 priorities each year in relation to current programmatic work.

The Committee is made up of a majority of farmers and ranchers from each county (Crook, Deschutes, and Jefferson) with representation from both beginning and experienced producers and small- and medium-scale operations. All members have a working knowledge of the organization’s mission, programs, and goals. Members commit to a one-year term starting in October with meetings occurring four times per year.

If you’re interested in joining HDFFA’s Agricultural Advisory Committee, please email

Current Members

  • Ashley Petersen
    Ashley Petersen Sungrounded Farm
  • Courtney Schuur
    Courtney Schuur North 44 Farm
  • James Radnich
    James Radnich Cultivate Farms
  • John Herman
    John Herman Lazy Z Ranch
  • Justin Rodgers
    Justin Rodgers Big Summit Beef
  • Katia Steckly
    Katia Steckly Double F Ranch
  • Sarahlee Lawrence
    Sarahlee Lawrence Rainshadow Organics

Andrea Smith, HDFFA Agricultural Support Manager – Committee Chair
Tracy Wilson, Oregon State University Extension – Board Liaison

Past members

Gia Matzinger -Deschutes Canyon Garlic
Onda Hall-Hueners – Bluestone Natural Farms
Audrey Tehan – Seed to Table
Brian Lepore – Golden Eagle Organics
Cate Havstad Casad – Casad Family Farms

Danae Miller – Vaquero Valley Ranch
Jim Crocker – Crown C Farms
Jenna Pike – Splitting Aces Livestock
Michael Hueners – Bluestone Natural Farms
Victoria Tranca – Cascade Mountain Pastures
Clare Sullivan – Oregon State University Extension Service

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