Food Security Advisory Committee

Food Security Advisory Committee

We believe that individuals participating in our programs and community members interested in improving food security and farm and ranch viability should have the opportunity to provide feedback and become leaders in our work.  With these values in mind, we invite community members to participate in our Food Security Advisory Committee (FSAC) to help inform our current work, and to build the leadership capacity for the future of farming, ranching, and food access in Central Oregon.


To provide input on our food access programs and specific projects, and to help guide our efforts to create equity in food access – access for everyone regardless of income – in Central Oregon. The committee is composed of volunteers from the Central Oregon community, including program beneficiaries, food security organizations, and HDFFA board and staff.

HDFFA Food Access projects and programs

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Gathering donations from gardeners
Gathering donations from gardeners

About the Committee

The Committee was founded in November 2021 as a way for HDFFA to receive direct feedback from food access partners and program participants.   We know that in order to improve our programs that benefit the community, we also need to include the community in our process and decision making.  The committee members have a working knowledge of the organization’s mission, programs, and goals and commit to a one-year term starting in November with meetings occurring six times per year.

If you’re interested in joining HDFFA’s Food Security Advisory Committee, please email Abigail at

Current Members

  • Abby Kellner-Rode
    Abby Kellner-Rode Community Volunteer
  • Allison Ramírez
    Allison Ramírez KIDS Center Development Officer
  • Chris Ricci
    Chris Ricci F.S.A.C. Member
  • Gwen Bartonek
    Gwen Bartonek Central Oregon Locavore
  • Janae McMaster
    Janae McMaster The Giving Plate
  • Jim Wengler
    Jim Wengler Hunger Free America
  • Kristi Hiaasen
    Kristi Hiaasen Crook County On The Move, Community Volunteer
  • Meg Mercier
    Meg Mercier Farm Worker & Community Organizer
  • Shellie Honsinger Davis
    Shellie Honsinger Davis F.S.A.C. Member
  • Tess Conley
    Tess Conley NeighborImpact Food Bank

Abigail Gustke, HDFFA Food Access Coordinator – Committee Chair
HDFFA Board Member – Participant
Louise Shirley, HDFFA Program Director – Participant

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