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Ensuring Food Security and Farm Support

HDFFA believes that everyone deserves good food – defined as affordable, nutritious and culturally appropriate food that is easily accessible and sustainably produced in Central Oregon.  

We strengthen the ties between traditional food security efforts (food banks) and build healthy food systems (farm to plate). We purchase food directly from local farmers for our Food Access programs, provide educational materials to residents about how to shop, prepare and cook with local and fresh foods, and partner with regional organizations to improve access for residents that have been marginalized due to systems and policies that do not adequately meet their needs.  We provide technical, financial and capacity support to family farmers and ranchers.

Our Impact since 2014

  • 120,000+ lbs. of fresh food donated to NeighborImpact and distributed to 50+ food pantries
  • 5,382 Fresh Harvest Kits distributed, providing over 21,000 meals for families facing food insecurity
  • Established partnerships with 100+ healthcare practitioners and 100+ farmers & ranchers
  • $119,800 of added revenue for local farmers through our Food Access Programs
  • $96,700 invested into family farms through our Agricultural Support Programs
  • 262,000 Food & Farm Directories distributed to date
    Sponsorships are available year-round.  To be included in our print directory your sponsorship will need to be active or re-activated Sept – April

    Sponsorship Opportunities

    Sponsors of HDFFA are dedicated to the mission of the organization and our programs and projects. They are included in the annual print, online and phone app Food & Farm Directory, and are provided additional perks. In exchange, our sponsors get greater exposure, a chance to connect or gain new customers, and be involved in the community in a way that sets them apart from other organizations.

    Sponsorship Levels

    • $1,000 Bronze Sponsor
    • $2,500 Silver Sponsor
    • $5,000 Gold Sponsor
    • $10,000 Platinum Sponsor

    Food & Farm Directory

    The Directory is part of our regional marketing campaign to foster relationships between agricultural producers, farmers’ markets, ranchers, restaurants, institutions, grocers and consumers. This community resource is the local guide to grown, raised, and crafted food products.  It is available in print,, and, a phone app (scan the QR code for easy app access). The 11th annual print directory was released on May 4, 2022 through The Source.


    When will the 2023 Directory be available?

    The Food and Farm Directory will be printed and distributed through The Source in early May 2023. Our online food and farm directory and phone app are available year-round.

    How many copies do you print?

    We print and distribute 22,000 copies and have the PDF version available for download.

    How are the directories distributed?

    • Directories are distributed through The Source to over 12,000 households and businesses in Central Oregon.
    • Featured on The Source’s website – a reach of over 150,000 viewers.
    • 10,000 Additional copies are hand delivered throughout the year to 160+ sites including to listed partners (restaurants, grocery stores, and businesses) as well as public spaces: farmers markets, libraries, visitor centers, health clinics etc.
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