Our Story

Everyone deserves good food.
We make it happen.

Good Food

The High Desert Food & Farm Alliance was developed in 2010 to address food insecurity, access and production.  Our work was inspired by regional organizations that were dedicated to improving our food system.  We believe that everyone deserves good food, and define good food as affordable, nutritious and culturally appropriate food that is easily accessible and sustainably produced in Central Oregon. More about our History

Our Programs

A lot of our work happens on-the-ground in our Central Oregon communities. Our core programs focus on improving food access for everyone and supporting our farmers and ranchers to grow this food.  We recognize that not all Central Oregonians have the same access to good food, and are committed to improving equitable access for all through our programs

Our Committment to Inclusion

We believe that individuals participating in our programs and community members interested in improving food security and farm and ranch viability should have the opportunity to provide feedback and become leaders in our work.  With these values in mind, we developed our Agricultural and Food Security Advisory Committees made up of community members, past participants and mission-alligned organizations to inform our current work, and to build the leadership capacity for the future of farming, ranching, and food access in Central Oregon.

DD Ranch

Our Vision

A prosperous food and farm network with equitable access for all Central Oregonians.

This means that farmers and ranchers are paid fair market value for their goods, that residents have access to food that nourishes them and their families, and that our local economy is vibrant and supports equitable food access for all Central Oregonians.

To achieve this vision, HDFFA will:

  • Partner with those that grow, raise and make our food to ensure that it is accessible by everyone.
  • Collaborate with mission-aligned organizations, including health care, to improve our food system.
  • Honor the lived experience of farmers and ranchers, and residents who have or continue to experience food insecurity.
  • Advocate for policies and programs that improve our food system.
- Photo by Crump Ranch
Chris Nichols, Cascade Mountain Pastures - Photo by Victoria Tranca
Chris Nichols, Cascade Mountain Pastures - Photo by Victoria Tranca

Core Values


  • Everyone deserves good food, and that our food connects us to each other.
  • Central Oregon farmers and ranchers are the backbone of our local food system.
  • Program participants and community members provide unique and regionally specific ideas that make our programs stronger.
  • Together, HDFFA and community members can build leaders in the Central Oregon food system. 

Agriculture and Food Entrepreneur Values 

  • We value the farmers and ranchers who grow our food and care for the land and animals do so with dignity and respect, and in a way that nourishes our community.
  • We support the entrepreneurs whose craft is to make a local product that contributes to our High Desert economy.

Food Access Values

  • We believe that everyone should have access to affordable, nutritious, local and culturally appropriate food at all times that is sustainably produced in Central Oregon and in a way that positively benefits our local economy.
  • We aspire to improve the demand for and appreciation of local food, and to cherish every moment when food tastes better simply because it is local.
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