VeggieRx is a FREE fresh produce prescription program that helps improve healthy eating habits for individuals experiencing food insecurity and diagnosed with diet-modifiable disease(s). Participants receive ten weeks of fresh locally grown vegetables/fruits, nutrition education, and one-on-one support from HDFFA’s Registered Dietitian.

Participants enrolled in our program eat more vegetables/fruits and experience less food insecurity. Participants are provided tools to shop for produce on a budget, use fresh ingredients and stretch their meals to last longer. True to our mission of supporting local, all the produce is purchased or provided from regional farmers.  Since the program began in 2018, we have invested $85,623 in fresh food from local farmers, with a total impact of $148,985 on the local economy.  

Eligibility for enrollment:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Experiencing food insecurity
  • Commit to 10 weeks during the summer
  • Diet-related disease (hypertension, diabetes or high blood sugar, overweight / obese, anxiety or depression disorder, high blood pressure, hypertension, heart conditions, chronic lung disease, asthma, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, arthritis and/or rheumatism)
  • Receive a referral from a health care provider (Dietitian, Physician, Nurse Practitioner etc.)

Where is the VeggieRx located?

  • This year, the program will be delivered in Bend and Warm Springs. In Bend, there will be two different delivery models: a) Bend Farmer’s Market vouchers, and b) a food share model delivered by Boundless Farmstead. In Warm Springs we are partnering with the Warm Springs Family Resource Center, which is hosting the site for local participants to pick up their produce boxes. 

      Frequently Asked Questions (click the (+) to expand and read)

      What type of commitment do I need to make?

      • Be eligible for the program
      • Participate in a pre- and post-survey
      • Be able to pick up the produce boxes from the Hanai Foundation Building (East Bend) or be able to attend the weekly Bend Farmers Market and shop there using vouchers once per week for ten weeks.

      When does the program begin?

      Depending on which group you are in, Group A will begin Mid-June and Group B will begin Mid-August

      How long will my benefits last?

      Each participant gets 10 consecutive weeks of either a Food Share (otherwise known as a Community Support Agriculture, CSA) box or Farmer’s Market vouchers

      Why are there different groups or types of delivery models?

      This year VeggieRx will have two different delivery models – shopping style at the Bend Farmers Market and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) or food shares.  Those that are in the Farmers Market model will be shopping with vouchers and will have in-person check-ins with a Registered Nutritionist.  The CSA group will pick up their boxes with phone check-ins for the ten weeks.

      After the season is complete, we will be comparing data to compare the two models. We will be looking at whether there are any significant differences in produce consumption between the group who received in-person communication and the physical experience of shopping versus picking up an already prepared box and virtual check-ins. 

      Can you tell me more about the Warm Springs model?

      We have partnered with the Warm Springs Community Center in response to hearing from multiple community leaders that not only is this a welcoming venue, but it provides the opportunity to create more of an event than just picking up a CSA box. The Warm Springs Community Center has a community garden, centrally located, and is free of charge to community members who want to use their space. 

      Why are you only working with two farmers and how did you choose them?

      Boundless Farmstead will be providing the Bend VeggieRx participants their CSA boxes this year. Boundless has made this a priority year after year to provide a fair and equity service to our community and are passionate about breaking down food access barriers.  They are willing to work with HDFFA to provide nutrition education materials in their CSA boxes, have sufficient quality and quantity of food to provide to all of our participants, and as part of their mission, want to make food accessible to everyone. This makes them a great fit for this particular group!

      Seed to Table will be providing the CSA boxes to the Warm Springs community this season.  They have been providing food to the Warm Springs community at the request of OSU Extension and tribal members.  Their relationship with Warm Springs is separate from HDFFA as they have been working there for years.   This is a natural fit for all parties involved.

      How will I know which VeggieRx group I will be placed in?

      After enrollment, you will be notified which group you will be placed in and the dates and time for shopping or pick up.

      What days and times do participants pick up their food?

      Bend Farmer’s Market group
      Shopping hours will be Wednesdays from 11:00 – 3:00 p.m.

      Farmer specific CSA group
      Pick up hours will be on Thursdays at the Hanai Foundation Center from 3:00 – 6:00 p.m.

      Warm Springs CSA group
      Pick up hours will be on Thursdays at the Warm Springs Community Center

      What do I do if I cannot make the pickup time?

      Contact program manager Kelly @ 541-310-3111 or by email at for accommodations.

      What if I cannot afford gas to get to the pickup site?

      Contact program manager Kelly @ 541-310-3111 or by email at for accommodations.

      What types of produce will I get?

      Mostly fresh vegetables and fruit, this varies depending on what the farm is harvesting during the week of pick up. All produce is fresh and grown locally.

      Will my income or tax information be needed and/or recorded?

      No, it will not.

      Kelly Moffatt


      Kelly Moffatt
      VeggieRx Senior Manager
      541-310-3111 (text capable)

      PROVIDERS – Contact us if you are interested in referring, want us to come to your clinic, or would like a referral prescription pad.

      PARTICIPANTS– Contact us if you are interested in and are eligible for the program.

      “Being on an extreme budget for food, I have never had an opportunity to try alternative healthy eating. Being taught how to sub out unhealthy for healthy has made a huge difference and learning how to store healthy foods to keep longer helps prevent me from buying cheap processed foods that aren’t healthy at all.”

      2020 VeggieRx Participant

      “It gave me new heart healthy ideas. My family and I tried every recipe each week. All the fruit and veggies were always fresh. I even have gone to some of the venders stores since. I would like to say having 2 teenage boys we could of used a little more to go around.”

      2020 VeggieRx Participant

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