VeggieRx is a fresh produce prescription program that improves healthy eating habits for individuals experiencing food insecurity and diagnosed with diet-modifiable disease. This program, first piloted in 2018, aims to increase the access to and consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits by participants who receive vouchers for produce as well as nutrition education.


Food Insecurity and Hunger

Food security and hunger is still a persistent issue for many in the United States as 1 of 5 residents are food insecure (hungry) and may not know where their next meal will come from. In Central Oregon, almost 28,000 people qualify as food insecure.  Food insecurity is often correlated with chronic and diet-modifiable diseases such as cardiovascular disease and type II diabetes.

VeggieRx is a produce prescription program that reduces economic barriers for families to purchase fresh healthy vegetables. HDFFA VeggieRx program objectives are to (1) Implement a VeggieRx pilot program for people experiencing food insecurity with diet-modifiable disease in order to increase fresh food consumption by participants, (2) Provide nutrition education for participants to improve healthy eating habits by program participants and (3) Create community linkages between health care, community resources, food system, and participants to enhance community health.

What’s Provided

  • 8 weeks worth of fresh food vouchers at farmers markets
  • 1-on-1 support and tips for eating healthy from a registered dietitian

Nutrition Education Material

Each week participants of VeggieRx receive nutrition information and tips for eating healthy and shopping at the market.

Click the links to the right for weekly nutrition education materials.

I feel better. I feel more confident to work out. To make other lifestyle changes. Once you start feeling better you just want to continue to make healthier changes.”

– 2018 Veggie Rx Participant

2018 Pilot Project Report

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