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We believe that everyone deserves good food – defined as affordable, nutritious, culturally appropriate, easily accessible and sustainably produced in Central Oregon.  We also believe that community members who have a passion for our work, and/or individuals who have experienced our program(s) should have the opportunity to become leaders.  We encourage members who are new to board service to apply to be on our Board. 

Being on Our Board

The Board of Directors is a community of individuals who have a passion for our mission. We value lived experiences, different types of expertise, and will do our best to provide Directors with the tools they need to be successful. Together, the board works to meet our mission and vision as an organization and build successful leaders.

Board members perform a variety of duties at board meetings, committee meetings, and/or via email.  For topics that may be unfamiliar to Directors, we encourage active participation and learning, knowing that each person will contribute their unique strengths and skill sets to our mission. 

It is important that Directors understand that as an organization we each have an obligation to uphold the non-profit status of HDFFA.  We will help you to understand your role, rights, and responsibilities of being a board member, because active participation is critical to our success. 

Board Meetings: Are typically scheduled on the 3rd Monday from 5:30-7pm and are either via Zoom or a hybrid option.  To make it easier for those in live in more rural areas or have kids, zoom is always available.

Our Commitment to You

Whether you have or have not been involved with boards in the past we know that some of what we do will be new to you. We will do our best to help you get acquainted with HDFFA and with what it means to be a board member.  Our goal is to be in partnership with you and learn from your knowledge and experience, while also providing you with training to meet your goals for skills development as a Director.  

Not ready? Try a Committee

If the Board doesn’t fit for you right now, consider participating in a Committee: Agricultural Advisory,  Food Security Advisory, Finance or Development Team.  If you are interested in a Committee, please reach out!


Click here for the Board of Director volunteer job description

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