Nutrition Resources

Welcome to the HDFFA Nutrition Library!

Our resources were designed by HDFFA’s registered dietitian and are available for individuals, organizations, and healthcare providers to encourage building lifelong habits for individuals and families that promote wellbeing.

Cooking Counts

This 86-page Guide to Cooking with Confidence was designed and published by HDFFA, in partnership with Central Oregon chefs.  It includes recipes and nutrition education, and is a perfect supplement to Fresh Harvest Kits, cooking classes, consultations with dietitians, and more! Cooking Counts is designed to help Central Oregonians get comfortable in the kitchen and cook with confidence.

  • 40+ recipes for quick and nutritious meals (also available individually below)
  • General nutrition education
  • How-to guides: Make a smoothie, stir-fry, and more!
  • Download Cooking Counts here

Library of Resources

Our library of nutrition resources (BELOW) includes:

  • How to Shop (focus on the perimeter of the store for whole foods, not the aisles)
  • How to Prepare (tips for slicing and dicing)
  • How to Cook (adding veggies and starting where you are)
  • Food Storage (preservation)
  • General Nutrition

Additional Resources

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“The information you share with the food is a whirlwind better than anything else I’ve come across. It’s really helpful for me.” -VeggieRx 2020  Participant

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