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HDFFA is founded on the belief that local food should be accessible to everyone, and that our food connects us to each other. We aspire to improve the demand for and appreciation of local food, and to cherish every moment when food tastes better simply because it is local.

With these values in mind, each year we print, publish online, and host a web-based directory that connects you, the local food consumer, to the growers, raisers, and crafters of locally made products.

HDFFA’s Food & Farm Directory is a great way to source local foods, whether you’re looking for a ranch, a grocer, or a four course meal.

Promoting Local Food

The Food & Farm Directory is part of our regional marketing campaign to foster relationships between agricultural producers, farmers markets, ranchers, local restaurants, institutions, grocers, and consumers. This community resource is the local guide to grown, raised, and crafted food products.

The Directory is available in print, online, and, in a phone app. The current directory is available online year-round. The 12th annual print directory will be released in early May 2023 in The Source and The Nugget.

For information on how to become a partner and get featured in the Food & Farm Directory, visit our partnerships page.

Highlighting Seasonality

The Food & Farm Directory helps consumers understand the seasonality of local crops, and connects us with the bounty that Central Oregon has to offer. In addition to knowing what’s in season, the directory offers tips on food preservation, stretching your dollar – so that you can buy more local foods – and information on the region and its farmers.

Additionally, you can look for individual farmers, ranchers, and food businesses in our online directory – Get A Taste (

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