CDC Nutrition Security Project

HDFFA, along with Crook County Public Health and the Central Oregon Health Council, have been working together on a grant awarded by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to address nutrition security in Central Oregon. We identified five rural communities that suffer the most from chronic food insecurity and health disparities. Residents and community organization representatives from each of these communities meet monthly to develop an Accelerator Plan to address the specific needs of their community, and the identified issues that are chronic to the larger region.


The project entitled, “Improving Nutrition / Food Security and Community-Clinical Linkages for Rural Central Oregon Communities Through Multi-Sector Collaboration”, will improve food and nutrition security and community-clinical linkages for these communities. The Leadership Team is composed of 25 individuals who are committed to finding avenues for addressing the problems that they see first hand. Our efforts are focused on two strategic priorities: food and nutrition security and community-clinical linkage. The Team will identify gaps, barriers, existing and new resources and methods to overcome any challenges.  An Accelerator Plan will be written for these communities with the goal of implementing any actions identified to improve individual and community healths.


HDFFA strongly believes that this project will be successful because of the team members involved in the project and the organizations lending their support. We have and will continue to work together in a collaborative process that not only gets to the root cause of the issues but also integrates lasting trust and built social capital. It’s been very exciting to work with this Leadership Team and develop ideas, start new and strengthen existing relationships, and create connections within the team and broader community.

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