HDFFA Looks At The Year Ahead!

We asked HDFFA staff what they are most excited for in 2022.

Here is what they said:

Andrea Smith, Food Access Support

“Since becoming involved with HDFFA this year, I’ve held various roles with different capacities:  I’ve provided support to the Warm Springs Community Action Team, tabled at markets and helped out with Grow & Give, and delved deeper into rural food access throughout Central Oregon. This has given me unique perspective into many of the ongoing projects we have. It’s quite exciting to see some of the ways that I can help expand the capacity of some of these programs outside of our existing spheres!



Annie Nichols, Farm & Ranch Support Manager

“2021 truly felt like a whirlwind for our Agricultural Support programming with an influx of funding and an expanded scope into policy and advocacy! I am really looking forward to keeping this momentum going as we skate into 2022. In the early part of the year, we will be working on disbursing funds to winners of the On-Farm Efficiency Grant program, launching a new mentorship program, and renewing promotion and outreach of the High Desert Food Trail. We’ll also be keeping a close eye on the Oregon legislative short session and working with the Oregon Community Food System Network to develop a new disaster relief fund for small-scale producers.



Hannah Brzozowski, VeggieRx Director

2022 is going to be a big year of change. VeggieRx is shifting and changing and hopefully will continue to have an impact on our community. For me, I’m really looking forward to slowing down and diving into my curiosities about food production. In this process, I’m sure I will cultivate even more respect for the farmers and growers in our area for the difficulty of producing food in the High Desert.





Kadie Vita, Administrative & Program Assistant

I joined the High Desert Food & Farm Alliance team in June of 2021 and have been excited to learn and grow with the organization since. With over a decade spent in food service, I was eager to learn how to bring that experience into the work we are doing with our High Desert Community of food producers. We have some exciting new fundraisers coming in 2022 and I can’t wait to share them with you all. We just launched the start of our 12th Annual Food & Farm Directory season and I am looking forward to the 2022 Partners to come! Personally, I am looking forward to planning and expanding my home garden. Growing our own food has been a lifeline for my partner and I, especially given the last few years. Last season was tricky having moved to Bend well into the growing season, but we have adapted and are hopeful for a more successful and delicious harvest this year!


Katrina Van Dis, Executive Director

“The abundance of accomplishments this past year by staff members, farmers, chefs, our board and volunteers is amazing. In 2021, we invested just over $50,000 in our farming community by reimbursing farmers for their donations to Grow & Give, providing a resiliency award, and paying for fresh food for VeggieRx. Our food access program provided 953 Fresh Harvest Kits equalling a total of 3,800 meals.  We donated over 30,000 pounds of fresh food to NeighborImpact through our partnership with 24 farms through Grow & Give.!”



Rachel Levy, Community Food Access Coordinator

“You may have heard our Grow & Give program hit some BIG GOALS in 2021, collecting over 100,000 pounds of produce to date for families experiencing food insecurity. We could not have reached this milestone without our local farm community. For 2022 we aim to continue to show our appreciation for and provide even more funding to farmers working with us to make local food accessible for all Central Oregonians. We have acquired funding to not only pay farmers more for produce they contribute through Grow & Give but also to allow us to purchase produce directly from farmers to supplement Fresh Harvest Kits. This means more money to farmers and more local produce options in food pantries throughout Central Oregon! We also can’t wait to partner with a new Fresh Harvest Kit distribution site. 2022 we are ready for you!



Interested in learning more about or getting involved with any of these projects? Email info@hdffa.org



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