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This summer, we’re thrilled to see the seasonal bounty being grown and raised by our local farmers and ranchers in Central Oregon. You can get a firsthand look at what’s most in season when you visit farmers markets and farmstands, or use High Desert Food & Farm Alliance’s guide to Central Oregon’s Top Ten and monthly seasonality chart. HDFFA will even be hosting taste testings at our booths to highlight the freshest local foods, so read on to learn how to Get a Taste of this summer’s abundance!


Typically, shoppers can find a variety of seasonal, local produce from the first salad greens in mid-spring to November, when Central Oregon Fill Your Pantry closes out the season. In July, some seasonal produce to look out for include: beans, cucumbers, eggplant, tomatoes, and squash. In August, we’ll see more brassicas like cabbage and cauliflower, in addition to garlic, onions, potatoes, and the continuation of tomato season. Do you know what the top ten most prolific Central Oregon crops are? Check out the graphic to learn more, or contact us at info@hdffa.org for a free print version! For more tips on how to eat and cook with what’s locally available, read a previous HDFFA blog post, Eating Seasonally.

There are many ways to access local vegetables, meats, and value-added products featuring locally grown food here in Central Oregon. A great spot to shop for a variety of products is at farmers markets. Farmers markets pop up across Central Oregon every summer and run weekly into the fall. There are many reasons to attend a local farmers market. The environment benefits, since vendors travel smaller distances to sell local food and products, which decreases their carbon footprint. Farmers markets support the local economy, because the money you spend at the market directly supports local producers. A study conducted by HDFFA, OSU Extension Service, and Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council found that $0.76 of every dollar spent by consumers on food from a local producer stays in the local economy, compared to $0.28 per dollar spent on imported food! Farmers markets are also a great way to gather with your community, interact with local vendors, meet your farmers, and enjoy an outdoor shopping

Below is a list of farmers markets to visit throughout Central Oregon:

Central Oregon Fill Your Pantry: November (date and location to be determined)

Would you like to get a taste of what’s offered at some of these markets? This summer, HDFFA will conduct seasonally inspired taste testing of fresh produce and value-added products from local vendors. While the menus are to be determined based on what’s most available day-of, you can head to our booth at Northwest Crossing Farmers Market on July 15th and August 1st, as well as the Sisters Farmers Market on July 30th and September 3rd. Get there early, because the markets are bustling and these samples will likely go fast!

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