Stretching Your Local Food Dollars

Practice stretching your local food dollars with these tips and tricks:

  • Shop in season – Take advantage of the best price (and flavor) as items become available in season at your grocery store and farmers markets.
  • Preservation – Grab an extra bag or two of your favorite produce and preserve, dehydrate or freeze foods so you can enjoy local year round (info at
  • Get happy! – Find happy hour or locals night specials offered at HDFFA featured restaurants and breweries.
  • Plan ahead – Meal planning can help ensure you only purchase what you need, eliminate food waste, and save time later in the week when hunger hits.
  • Stay flexible – Substitute ingredients when you can to take advantage of what’s on sale.
  • Bulk buys – Check out the bulk bins for low priced pantry staples and attend Fill Your Pantry this fall to stock up on storage crops at a great price.
  • Buy a half or quarter cow or pig and save dollars off the pound, consider splitting it with a friend or divvying up with your family
  • Go straight to the source – Connect with your local farmers and ranchers to buy in bulk directly from them. Search our online directory here!
  • Use HDFFA coupons found on our website here.

Additional food access resources:
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) 

Women Infants and Children (WIC) locations and resources can be found by calling 211 or at

Central Oregon food pantries

Fill Your Pantry (bulk buying event)

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