High Desert Food Trail feature on Eat Drink Bend

A glass poured at Faith Hope and Charity Vineyards

Eat, Drink, Bend published a stunning article about the High Desert Food Trail, a project to promote agritourism here in Central Oregon. Read the article here or find the link at the bottom of the page. Be prepared to be amazed by the incredible culinary and agricultural offerings in this region!

Launched in November of 2021, the High Desert Food Trail is one of many Food Trails throughout the state. While Central Oregon is known for outdoor adventures, one of the best ways to connect to the land is through food. The High Desert Food Trail, created by HDFFA with Travel Oregon, Visit Central Oregon, and Oregon Food Trails, is a self-guided tour of Central Oregon’s farms, restaurants, cafés, breweries, distilleries, and culinary experiences to taste your way through the region and have engaging, unique experiences with working area farms.

The High Desert Food Trail helps visitors and locals alike experience the culinary and agritourism opportunities that make this region unique. The trail features 45 unique businesses including farms, ranches, restaurants, farmers markets, craft and beverage makers, and more, that will help you dive deeper into the high desert’s agricultural roots. With stunning landscapes to marvel at, artisan offerings to feast on, and resilient agriculture to experience, there is something for everyone on the High Desert Food Trail.

Offerings from Jackson's Corner
Berries found at the Bend Farmers Market

Highlighting three themes and designed itineraries- Stunning Landscapes, Artisan Offerings, and Resilient Agriculture -trail visitors can curate their own experience.

While the trail is open year-round, some businesses are only seasonally open to the public. With summer tourism season just beginning, now is a great time to look into one of these itineraries, or explore these self-guided journeys at your own pace during your time in Central Oregon!

Learn more about the Food Trail here on our website. Read more on the Travel Oregon website’s High Desert Food Trail feature here.

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