The Passion Behind The People

We are grateful to these longstanding Farm and Ranch Partners who have been a part of the HDFFA family for at least 9 years. We asked them, “Why do you continue farming and ranching in Central Oregon, and why is it important?”  This is what they told us.

White Diamond Ranch, Ashwood | Ann Synder

I have been farming and ranching, or connected with it, in Oregon nearly all my life.  I have been raising sheep, meat goats and sometimes hogs in Central Oregon for 30+ years, and here in Ashwood in Jefferson County for 20+.  My heart is in working with other farmers and ranchers around the area and the state to develop more sustainable practices and local markets providing good, local food to our communities.  My heart is in working for the betterment of this area and the state of Oregon.  I have been working with HDFFA since its beginning. (Check out this previous post about Ann Snyder here)

Rainshadow Organics, Terrebonne | Sarahlee & Ashanti

We farm and ranch because raising the food we eat is our passion. Offering organic, nutrient dense food to our community while educating the next generation of farmers is our purpose. We are deeply in love with our land and entwined with the daily miracles of life.  Our intimacy with each meal is a way of life and it would be impossible to disconnect now. It is most important to us that our work promotes widespread regenerative eating for the health of our mother earth. 

Pine Mountain Ranch, Bend | Loretta & Alan

Ranching in Central Oregon is a positive experience for the animals and for their caretakers. The elevation is great for the bison and yaks. Quality hay abounds and the needed systems for raising livestock is right here in the community. The Central Oregon community is dedicated to supporting local business. Raising our family on the ranch in Bend has been a blessing and we look forward to continuing to be a part of the ranching and agricultural community for years to come.

DD Ranch, Terrebonne | Linda & Jeff

The two most important reasons why we continue to farm in Central Oregon are 1) we are committed to providing our family and community with food raised the way that we care deeply about… no chemicals, following organic standards, 100% grassfed, locally grown and 2) it’s a great life and a great way to raise our children.

Central Oregon Ostrich, Redmond | Michael & Danielle

My wife and I are both Central Oregon Natives, and having grown up in this area we have a strong pride for the resiliency of the local agricultural community.  We believe local food production, and a connection to nature are critical elements of a healthy lifestyle and fundamental to the future of our children.  Our work optimizing extensive farm practices for small ostrich farms is one small piece of a beautiful mosaic that the farming/ranching community is paying forward to future generations.

Farmers and ranchers are the backbone of our food system.  We are inspired by them everyday and honor their passion and commitment to making local a habit.


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