Sarah LynchCommunity-at-Large, Deschutes

    Sarah has a long history of passion for and connection to the land, and is acutely aware of the intricacies, overarching and trickle down effects of the food system. Studying and working in agriculture since 2009, Sarah started her own farm business in 2012, growing and selling produce year round on her Certified Organic, diverse produce farm in the Willamette Valley for 7 years, before relocating to Bend in 2021. 

    Sarah got into farming because of her  deep appreciation for food, need for autonomy, and love for the outdoors. She believes that access and integration of quality food is imperative to the maintenance of a healthy mind and body, as well as society, small and large.

    Her desire to help foster a connection between people and the source of their food was forefront in her farming career. Now, Sarah has carried her values, skills and experiences from running a successful farm business to helping people achieve their lifestyle goals through investing in property, in her career as a licensed Real Estate Agent. She helps guide first time homebuyers, generations of land seekers, new and old, obtain equitable access—drawing on her personal and professional experience, and network of industry vendors. With an emphasis on relationships based in integrity and respect, Sarah underscores stewardship, conservation and long term planning in her business, to reinforce sustainability in her own practice as well as her clients’ goals.

    Like the HDFAA, Sarah believes ‘everyone deserves good food, and that our food connects us to each other.’ She is excited to contribute to her resources to help strengthen and expand the rich and robust food system in Central Oregon, and to further promote access for all.

    In addition to her passion for growing food, community building, and real estate, Sarah spends as much time as possible recreating outdoors and soaking up the Central Oregon sun. Running, hiking, camping, climbing, visiting breweries, shopping at local businesses, cooking, and spending time with her family are among her favorite pastimes.

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