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    Originally from South Louisiana, Michelle Abbey, RD spent some memorable years growing up around farming and ranching. Following her love of all things food, she completed a mid-life career transition from finance to nutrition, which began with attaining a degree in nutrition from University of Alabama, then earning her designation of Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. Her internship took her across the country, working in a hospital, food bank, and school cafeteria. She has worked in preventative medicine, taught cooking classes, and has provided meal preparation services, in addition to nutrition consultations and coaching.

    Michelle works at Central Oregon Veterans Ranch as the Director of Community and Donor Relationships. She was drawn to the Ranch and its mission because of her deep respect and care for veterans, her love of the land, her knowledge of the importance of working with the land, developing an understanding of a nutritious and eco-friendly diet by growing your own food and supporting your community. She is delighted to support HDFFA’s mission and vision, feeling those values align with her own.

    Michelle is also a Certified Forest Therapy Guide. She loves trail running, hiking, outdoor everything, traveling, cooking, drinking good wine, and spending time with friends, family, and her husband, Derek.

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