Kendra HuddlestonOutreach Coordinator

Being raised in rural Nebraska, Kendra grew up in a proud farming community. The overflowing generosity that supported the local economy was never lost on her. After moving to Oregon she eventually found her home in Independence where she quickly found a passion for micro-farming. After taking Master Gardener courses at Oregon State University, she relished in testing soils and preparing amendments, endlessly searching for the perfect crop rotation, and learning regenerative farming practices. Kendra began touring many local farms in the Willamette Valley – picking up tips, tricks, and seeds along the way. As she made her way through the rooted network of farms, she began noticing a trend in need for digital marketing support on these farms. She began working for Polk County Tourism Alliance and turned her focus onto the Great Oaks Food Trail where she developed a strong marketing strategy to encourage visitors and locals to discover the beauty in farming. And then, the Central Oregon Cascades called for a new adventure. Kendra currently lives in Redmond, Oregon where she still works on developing communities. She is eager to be at the intersection of High Desert farms and gardens, and the people who help them grow (literally and figuratively). 

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