Kelly MoffattVeggieRx Senior Program Manager

My journey with nutrition and food access goes back to middle school where I was introduced to the topic of dietetics. From that introduction I took every health and science class that was available and volunteered at food banks and community kitchens. My Mom’s family grew up in Bend where I was born. I was raised mostly in Corvallis, but spent a lot of time going between the two locations throughout childhood and young adulthood until I moved back here about twelve years ago. From being a student of nutrition, teaching nutrition and health education, to owning my own nutrition consulting business, I have been involved in nutrition education since I was young. I have been passionate about increasing food accessibility and equity wherever I have lived and worked. I have two young children and enjoy sharing my love for food, cooking, volunteering, and being active outside with them and the people that are close to me. I am very excited to step into my new role at HDFFA as the VeggieRx Senior Program Manager and continue to learn and connect with the Central Oregon community!

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