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HDFFA paired local farmers with busy office employees to provide fresh local food at the convenience of their workplace. Employees sign-up for a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) share through their employer and during the summer they receive fresh vegetables delivered each week.


How it Worked

HDFFA plays the matchmaker.

  • We connected businesses directly with one vegetable producer and one meat producer
  • Provide on-site CSA Organizer all of the tools they need to set-up the program
  • Provide a pre/post program meeting to introduce your business to the farm and program

Your Business identifies a CSA Organizer.

  • Identify an outgoing, engaged employee to be the on-site CSA Organizer (they will handle the logistics for all employees signed up)
  • Approve weekly drop-off site at your company
  • Give on-site CSA Organizer the support they need during CSA season

The farmer will:

  • Coordinate and communicate with the on-site CSA Organizer
  • Deliver the CSAs on the same day/time each week
  • Deliver pre-washed, pre-bagged produce for easy pick-up from employees

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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a way for farmers to get “buy-in” from consumers before the growing season starts. As a customer, you pay a lump sum in the spring and when the growing season starts you’ll receive a box of fresh food each week for the duration of the season (typically 18-20 weeks).

  • The farmer benefits from the upfront capitol which allows them to crop plan for their growing season.
  • You benefit from getting the fresh produce delivered weekly, supporting local food from the convenience of your office.

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Annie Nichols
Agricultural Support Manager

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