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Sign-ups are closed for the 2022 Summer CSA season.
Check back for more opportunities in the future to get connected with a CSA share using SNAP/EBT!

CSA is a SNAP!

Do you have SNAP benefits?  Would you like to access fresh locally grown foods?

We believe everyone deserves good food, and are expanding accessibility to locally grown fresh, healthy foods!  We are collaborating with our farmer Partners (who offer SNAP as a payment option) and with the Pacific Northwest CSA Coalition (PNWCSA) to process SNAP payments for farmers, and potentially, double your SNAP benefits with the use of Double Up Food Bucks.

Enrollment for the summer 2022 season is now closed, but look forward to future opportunities with this program.

Our Impact

  • Served 38 program participants in Bend, Redmond, Sisters, and Prineville
  • Paid $12,000 to our 8 partner farmers
  • Distributed cookbooks, nutrition information and recipes to share with all program participants for the CSA season
  • Developed a newsletter, slated to start this summer, for food access program participants -if you are a current or past participant in Supported CSA, VeggieRx, Fresh Harvest Kits, or another HDFFA food access program, sign up here to be on our Food Access Newsletter mailing list!

How to get 75% off Farm Fresh Food

Here's how!

  • If you receive SNAP* benefits you are eligible
  • Fill out a form (closed for Summer 2022)
  • HDFFA will connect you with the farmer to sign up for a CSA
  • The farmer works with PNWCSA to process 50% of your payment using SNAP (max. allowance is 50%)
  • PNWCSA will coordinate with Double Up Food Bucks to match your SNAP (up to $250, first come first serve)
  • HDFFA will pay the farmer for the remainder of the costs

* SNAP = EBT card, Oregon Trail, or food stamps

HDFFA can help you choose a CSA

Click on the image to the right to learn more.

  • Locations for CSA pick-up: Bend, Powell Butte, Redmond Sisters and Terrebonne
  • How much food you need: CSA shares will vary by farm.  Generally a small share feeds one person, and a large up to four people per week
  • Price range: $250-$1,000 (No cash needed, CSA paid through SNAP (Oregon Trail) Double Up Bucks and/or by HDFFA).  We work with you on the payment process.
  • Number of weeks: 19-26 weeks

HDFFA provides you with:

  • Guidance on how to choose and use your CSA
  • Financial assistance
  • Educational materials such as recipes, nutritional information, and more –find examples here
  • CSA pick up support -we will work with you if you are unable to pick up your share -specific weeks or the whole season if needed

Farmer Partners


Click the (+) to learn more.

What is a CSA?

A Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a weekly vegetable (and occasionally fruit) box that is provided to residents throughout the growing season.  Customers typically pay upfront for the food, which in turn helps the farmer pay for the supplies to grow them.

What do I get?

A variety of fresh produce (vegetables and fruits) that you could find at a farmer’s market, but may be new to you!  Don’t worry, we have lots of recipes.

How long does my CSA last?

Each farm has a seasonal schedule and provides food weekly, usually around 20 weeks during the spring and summer.

Where do I pick it up?

It will vary.  Some farms have local pickup sites, on-farm pickup, delivery, or pick-up at the farmers markets.  HDFFA will help if you can’t get your CSA.

What if I miss my pick up?

HDFFA will help get food to you.  Just get in touch with us if you know you will miss it, otherwise, the food will be donated to a food pantry.

How much is it?

Between $66.50 and $222 depending on the share size.

How do I pay?

Your SNAP benefits will automatically be charged at the beginning of each month through PNWCSA. 

What if I lose my SNAP benefits?

There is no fee or penalty if your SNAP benefits change. If you lose your SNAP benefits and would like to continue with your CSA share, email us at 

For more Information

Contact Emily Ralston at or call 541-390-3572.

Benefit to you: As someone with use of an Oregon Trail Card, EBT, or SNAP (previously Food Stamps), you will get access to a variety of local produce at a discounted rate, receive weekly recipes with your share, and get support and reminders for pickup from HDFFA.

Benefit to the farmer: Half of the CSA is now paid upfront, and their produce is available to a wider audience.

Benefit to HDFFA: We can continue to serve populations that struggle to access nutritious, locally grown food.

PNWCSA: With the Pacific Northwest CSA Coalition, learn about how Double Up Food Bucks (DUFB) can be applied to your SNAP when paying for your CSA share and other information about CSA’s.

DUFB: Learn about how your EBT can be doubled when purchasing local fruits and veggies with Double Up Food Bucks!

SNAP: The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is a federal program that provides nutrition benefits to low-income individuals and families that are used to purchase food. Previously, it was referred to as the Food Stamps program; SNAP is the new term for the same program. Follow the link to learn if you are eligible.

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