Season Extenders

The Program

HDFFA is committed to supporting farms in our region.  This means working hand in hand to understand their needs and finding and providing resources to improve their ability to grow food for us, the community, and meet our values of making food accessible for everyone.

We are excited to offer producers the opportunity to apply for Season Extender Grants through the Growing it Forward project funded by USDA from 2017-2019. The overall goal of this project is to increase food production opportunities and low income access to fresh food utilizing season extenders in Central Oregon.  This project will increase:

  • Farmer knowledge of greenhouse management and cost of production
  • Viability and profitability of agricultural producers
  • Farmer knowledge of the costs of production
  • Volume of vegetables sold in the Central Oregon market
  • Local food markets for Central Oregon consumers
  • Amount of fresh, local produce delivered to food pantries/ banks

Grant Awards: Small grants to agricultural producers to build season extenders will be provided from 2018-2020. The total available is approximately $17,000. Grants will range from $500-$3,500 depending on the type of season extender and need. Grant funds can be used for construction supplies but not for labor.

HDFFA is invested in increasing the ability of agricultural producers to improve their growing capacity and markets for local food with season extenders, and to improve access to local food for low-income residents.

Apply for Season Extension

The 2018 application period for the “Growing It Forward” season extension grant closed on April 1st, 2018. The application period will open again in early 2019. 

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be an existing agricultural producer in Central Oregon
  • Have participated in a workshop related to growing vegetables or have a Master Gardener certificate
  • Have established direct or wholesale markets where you will sell your products

Minimum Participatory Requirements (assistance will be provided)

  • Season extender structure is built and utilized in that growing season
  • Provide a 50% cash match –  you pay for half of the total costs of the season extender
  • Attend a workshop provided by HDFFA and/or OSU Extension during the year in which you are building your greenhouse
  • Donate a portion of the food grown to NeighborImpact through HDFFA’s Grow & Give program
  • Submit 2 or more photos and a mid-season report (pre and post construction)
  • For evaluation and research purposes only, submit pre-greenhouse construction production information (lbs. of food produced, type of crops); submit post-greenhouse construction production information (quantity/lbs./type of produce grown, and in what months) and produce sales information.
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