Resiliency Award

2021 Farm and Ranch Resiliency Award Winners

Rainshadow Organics

Read their application here.

Boundless Farmstead

Read their application here.

In Cahoots Heirloom Apple Orchard Collaborative

Read their application here.

The Farm and Ranch Resiliency Award was an opportunity for HDFFA to showcase what makes farm and ranch operations resilient. From production challenges to market disruptions and climate change, agricultural producers are faced with volatility in all aspects of their business.  This award highlights our Partners who are incorporating resilience into their business plan and educating the community on what sustainable farming truly means.

Why Resiliency?

HDFFA believes everyone deserves good food, and that the backbone of a resilient food system is our farmers and ranchers.

Throughout 2020, producers experienced a multitude of disruptions including market shifts, reduced access to water for irrigation, and hailstorm damage. In 2021, HDFFA highlighted the change-makers in our community of farmers and ranchers who are taking a proactive approach to agricultural resiliency.

Agricultural resilience is about equipping farmers to absorb and recover from shocks and stresses to their agricultural production and livelihoods. -Farming First

Seedlings sprouting

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Annie Nichols

Thank you to the Roundhouse Foundation and Wilco Farm Stores for funding this initiative in its inaugural year.

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