On-Farm Efficiency Grant

Applications for the 2023 On-Farm Efficiency Grant are OPEN until January 10th.  Head to the information page to learn more and apply.

On-Farm Efficiency Grant

HDFFA is invested in increasing the ability of Central Oregon farmers and ranchers to overcome shocks and strains on their operations by providing financial support for on-farm infrastructure, supplies, and professional development. In 2021, HDFFA opened applications for the On-Farm Efficiency Grant, with grant amounts for up to $4,000 in grant funds with at least a 50% match by producers.

The award was successfully implemented by 14 farmers and ranchers located in Central Oregon. HDFFA distributed approximately $45,000 in grant funds to these local producers, with a number of creative applications for the grant. Scroll down for project highlights! All images and information was provided by grantees.

This project was funded by the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program grant and the Community Food Projects grant, both from the National Institute for Food and Agriculture (NIFA) with the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

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2022 On-Farm Efficiency Grant Awardees

Check out these project profiles for the winners of the On-Farm Efficiency Grant! Learn more about how these funds were implemented by local farmers and ranchers.

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Learn more about the individual projects implemented by winners of the grant.

Winners of the award that are Partners with HDFFA have a link to their Get A Taste listing in our online Food & Farm Directory.

Double F Ranch

Double F Ranch: Moveable chicken pasture pen

Double F Ranch in Antelope, Oregon purchased a mobile chicken pen to expand their meat production resulting in:

  • 33% more chicken in 27% less time
  • 33% expansion of CSA member base
  • 150 hours of labor saved this season
  • $15,000 estimated impact this year, a total for the lifetime of this structure of +$120,000.

Well Rooted Farms

Well Rooted Farms: Treffler harrow

Well Rooted Farms sought to improve early season weed management by purchasing a treffler harrow. According to the grant applicant, “This piece is a game changer on our farm for weed control.”

Wild Rose Ranch, LLC

Wild Rose Ranch, LLC: Fenced garden space for raised beds and greenhouse

The three main objectives for Wild Rose Ranch, located on the reservation of the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, were:

  • Build a 50’x50’ enclosed garden space & 12’x24’ greenhouse
  • Extend growing season for garden crops due to short season
  • Get water to garden area to begin growing

The operator has successfully grown three types of lavender this year, for the first time in over a decade.

DD Ranch

DD Ranch: New hay mower

DD Ranch’s original hay mower had the tendency to break down during use, leading to delays in production, reliance on outside contractors, and increased costs. With this grant, DD Ranch was able to purchase a new mower that will be more reliable, saving time and money.

North 44 Farm: Cardboard shredder for sheep bedding

North 44 Farm’s project’s goal was to take a waste product and turn it into a valuable component to our farm’s operation. They saw an opportunity to shred cardboard for winter bedding instead of buying in straw for bedding, and the purcahse of a chipper/shredder meant they were able to stockpile boxes and shred large bags of cardboard into a bedding material.

High Desert Hogs

High Desert Hogs: Gravity feeders

The main goal that High Desert Hogs aimed to accomplish was to reduce the time it takes to feed their pigs on a daily and weekly basis. With the purchase of these gravity feeders, High Desert Hogs accomplished that goal, saving labor hours keeping their animals happily fed.

Zajac Farms

Zajac Farms: Power harrow and overhead foggers

Zajac Farms sought to reduce labor costs, increase crop success with the addition of irrigation misters in their greenhouse. In addition, the purchase of a power harrow, which is used for bed prep, improves soil health and reduces labor.

Cultivate Farms

Cultivate Farms: Post harvest area and storage cooler

By turning a shipping container into a storage area and cooler, Cultivate Farms was able to start seeds and grow microgreens earlier in the season, and package their products in the cooler with much longer storage, keeping their product fresher longer.

SunLife Farm and Ranch

SunLife Farm and Ranch: Onsite commercial kitchen

SunLife’s vision was to build out and equip an onsite processing facility that  would streamline production and also be an accessible hub to any visiting public. The new, efficient equipment speeds production and enables consistency and scaling. It will save time as a more efficient workspace and provide a gathering space for farm visitors to learn about farm practices while enjoying local refreshments.

Mahonia Gardens

Mahonia Gardens: Root washer kit and trailer attachment

Mahonia Gardens in Sisters, Oregon purchased a barrel-style root washer to improve their capacity to process root vegetables like carrots and potatoes. To make the washer mobile, they also purchased and built a trailer.

Sakari Farms, LLC

Sakari Farms, LLC: Overhead irrigation kit

Having this new irrigation efficient system will allow Sakari Farms to still water their growing plant materials/food during the drought projections for their farm. They are also looking forward to using this system to reduce pest issues, as well as heat concerns during projected wildfire seasons.

Central Oregon Ostrich

Central Oregon Ostrich: Ostrich brood house

Central Oregon Ostrich’s chick brooder was ripped at one end and needed replacement; new, longer lasting films are now available that greatly extend the service life for these types of structures. The completed project extended working life of the brooder roof and conserves energy over the winter months.

In Cahoots Heirloom Apple Collaborative

In Cahoots: New apple storage bins

In Cahoots Heirloom Apple Collaborative’s project was to replace their plywood storage bins with modern bins- the ShuttleBin-330. These are made of plastic and have several advantages over traditional wood bins including the ergonomic design, the fully vented system and more sanitary material, and ability to collapse so they are easier to transport and store when emptied.

Four Acre Farm

Four Acre Farm: High tunnel with drip irrigation, compost, and a push seeder

With the addition of a hoop house, added compost for no-till rows, a drip irrigation system, and a more efficient seeder, Four Acre Farm was able to: expand their growing season, reduce water usage, increase soil quality, and have more accurately spaced seeds.

Contact Info:

Andrea Smith, Agricultural Support Manager


The OFEG through HDFFA helped our farm successfully upgrade our cold storage space and create a space to grow microgreens for our operation. Now we have the ability to grow + store more food and keep it fresh longer.

-Cultivate Farms

[This grant] will allow up to reduce crop losses… to bacteria, mold, bruised fruit. It will also help improve the ergonomics of harvesting. We are thankful to have the support of HDFFA because it has provided us with marketing, educational and local knowledge.
-In Cahoots Apple Heirloom Collaborative

Without this efficiency grant from HDFFA, we might never have made the game-changing purchase of this root washer. Larger expenses like this are hard to commit to– even when the payoff is guaranteed.

-Mahonia Gardens

This piece is a game changer on our farm for weed control. Thank you HDFFA for helping me purchase it.

-Well Rooted Farms

This project is supported by the Beginning Farmer Rancher Development Program grant [grant no. 2020-70017-32426] and the Community Food Projects grant [grant no. 2021-33800-35848] from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

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