Fresh Harvest Kit

Fresh Harvest Kits

Most of us have heard of fresh meal kits that are delivered to our door. We thought, why not make this available to everyone!  Our idea: pair food staples that are available at a food pantry, or in your pantry, with fresh garden vegetables.

HDFFA prepares weekly recipes that use commonly found food staples (chili or pasta) and highlight a seasonal vegetable that is provided by Seed to Table Oregon.  These ready-to-make meal kits are offered at two food pantries in Sisters and are designed to have everything a person needs to make a dish.  We partner with  Savory Spice who donates spices and NeighborImpact who provides food to the pantries.

Each Kit Contains

  • Fresh vegetables donated by Seed to Table Farm
  • Staple food pantry ingredients (pasta, beans, rice, etc.)
  • Spices or seasonings donated by Savory Spice
  • Recipe card

Every Thursday (May-October), each kit contains farm fresh and season products are added to staple ingredients found in the food pantry.  When using this kit, people get fresh ideas to get creative in the kitchen.

Spicing it up

Savory Spice Shop located in the Old Mill District in Bend offers spices, herbs and blends from around the world to add flavor any dish. They are long time partners with HDFFA and generously donated herbs and spices to give the bags the little extra kick they need.



Funding for this project comes from a USDA Community Food Project grant.  HDFFA was the only recipient of this grant in the state of Oregon in 2017.  Our goal is to create a template by which others can replicate this project.  Currently farm fresh food and spices are donated by community members.

A Pilot Project

In 2018, this project will run for 19-weeks in Sisters, Oregon.  We will expand this project in years 2019 and 2020 to other communities in Central Oregon. If you are interested in being a partner, please contact us.

Project Partners

Seed to Table Oregon
A small diversified farm dedicated to connecting food, wellness and education

Sisters Kiwanis Food Bank
Food pantry open to participants once a week for “shopping style” food pick-up.

Westside Church “Bread of Life”
Hosts a monthly “Brown Bag” and weekly food pick-up.

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