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Food Waste Reduction in Bend

Imagine standing in front of a fridge stocked with produce, dairy, meat, plus dozens of condiment jars. Now take a quarter of that food out and bury it. That might sound ridiculous, yet that’s what happens all across the country: more than one-fourth of the food produced in the U.S. ends [...]

Collaborative Food Recovery

Food that would have been tossed out is turned into Sunday night meals at the Salvation Army From the Bend Bulletin Published Nov. 16, 2018 A new program in Bend is taking leftover food from the cafeteria at Central Oregon Community College that would usually be thrown away and saving it for a [...]

We’re hiring!

We have exciting news! HDFFA has been awarded a Specialty Crop Block Grant (SCBG) for the project entitled: Enhancing the Value & Supply Chain for High Desert Specialty Crops. We are seeking a passionate and organized Program Coordinator who will act as the primary lead in implementing and [...]

Fill Your Pantry

The third annual Central Oregon Fill Your Pantry event is coming to you Sunday November 11th! Never been to a Fill Your Pantry event? You won’t want to miss this! Fill Your Pantry is a community bulk buying event created so YOU can fill up your pantry, freezer, and root cellar full of great [...]

Best Supporters of Local Food

Thank you to The Source Weekly Staff! HDFFA as well as our partners Central Oregon Locavore Non-Profit and regional farmers markets were nominated as Best Local Food Supporters! We are honored and elated to work with such an incredible to support a healthy and thriving food and farm network [...]

2018 Local Food Champions

High Desert Food & Farm Alliance would like to recognize food businesses going above and beyond with local food sourcing and contributions to our Central Oregon community. HDFFA considers local to be food grown, raised and crafted in the Central Oregon high desert. Our farm and ranch [...]

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