HDFFA makes it easier to find Central Oregon foods!

Local Food tastes better, is healthier and better for our environment, directly supports the local economy, and connects our community. Support local famers by looking for the ‘Get a Taste’ logo and be sure you are getting local, fresh, nutrient-dense food.


HDFFA conducted interviews throughout Central Oregon to understand consumer opinions about locally grown foods.  We discovered that many people simply did not know what grows here and weren’t sure where to find Central Oregon grown foods when shopping or dining.

The goal of the Get A Taste of This Place campaign is to increase consumption of Central Oregon grown foods by making it easier to find them and highlighting their uniqueness, while increasing profitability for the HDFFA Partners who grow and sell them.

We encourage everyone to try, taste and buy foods grown right here in Central Oregon by farmers you can meet and talk to in person. 

#getatasteofthisplace #tastethisplace.


Buy: Central Oregon food from farmers at their farm stand, farmers market or grocery store.  Look for Get a Taste of this Place. If you don’t see it, ask what’s Central Oregon grown.

Share: when you Get A Taste you have a unique and powerful story about Central Oregon foods or farmers. Share that experience!

Experience: Meet HDFFA at the farmers markets, by newsletter or online

Socialize: Instagram & Twitter @HDFFA, Facebook@highdesertfoodandfarm

Display: Proudly display our FREE poster and sticker. See other display options on our Marketing Collateral Menu.

Want to know more? Check out our FAQs page and Marketing Campaign Overviews for farms and ranches, restaurants and food trucks, and grocers and distributors.

Get Involved!

HDFFA Partner: Grocer, Restaurant & Food Truck

Use Local

1) Display the logo on menus, the register, displays, ads and website. Show your support of Central Oregon foods!

2) Feature Central Oregon Grown foods or make seasonal dishes

3) Thank the farmer, show it off: #getatasteofthisplace #getataste and

4) Find more Central Oregon Grown foods or get custom logos for your business!
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It's Local!

1) Display the logo!
On email, newsletter, fresh sheets, labels, market, and wherever your produce is sold.

2) Tell your story – what you grow and why it’s unique and delicious on social media and website!
Tag @hdffa

3) Post the logo on social media.
HDFFA will spread the word too!

4) Get custom stickers for your farm. Message on social
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Get Involved!

Consumers, Foodies, Friends & Fans

Taste Local

1) When you see the “Get A Taste” logo buy with confidence! If you don’t see it, ask what’s Central Oregon grown.

2) Share a pic and tell people why it was awesome! Tag @hdffa
#getatasteofthisplace #tastethisplace
to keep the story going!

3) Meet HDFFA at the farmers markets, by newsletter or online

4) Share on Instagram , Twitter, and Facebook

We Make Finding Local Food Easy

Your best resource for finding locally grown, raised, and crafted foods here in Central Oregon is our very own High Desert Food and Farm Directory.
Your guide to locally grown food!

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