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The third annual Central Oregon Fill Your Pantry event is coming to you Sunday November 11th! Never been to a Fill Your Pantry event? You won’t want to miss this!

Fill Your Pantry is a community bulk buying event created so YOU can fill up your pantry, freezer, and root cellar full of great local products for the winter. Say bye bye to busy holiday lines and veggies that have traveled farther than you during holiday vacations, and say hello to a cupboard full of local meat, grains, veggies, ferments, and more.

The Central Oregon Fill Your Pantry will allow you to stock up on potatoes, onions, leeks, beets, winter squash, garlic, honey, flours, apples, pears, dried beans, nuts, krauts, cheeses, and more.

This is a bulk buying event, so bring your muscles! Farmers, ranchers, orchardists, and producers will only be selling large quantities of items. For example, 20lb bags of onions, 50lb bags of potatoes, half wheels of cheese, etc. This is a great opportunity for vendors to move product before the harsh Central Oregon winter and a great opportunity for YOU to save money and eat well all winter long. This event operates like a Farmers Market, except in bulk quantities. There will be no sign up necessary to come, all are welcome! 

Pre-ordering will be available, November October 22nd to November 4th. Pre-ordering helps farmers and ranchers estimate how much to bring to the event and also guarantees the customer will get the products they desire. Pre-ordering is not mandatory.   

For more info visit the event website at or follow the facebook event.

Help support and strengthen the Central Oregon local food system! 
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