Field Of Givers Program

HDFFA has recently launched its Field of Givers Program, a new way for you to regularly support our programs through a recurring donation. This compassionate group of donors helps further sustain our work and as a member, you’ll receive a special welcome gift, get the chance to attend special events, connect with our Board of Directors and receive personal updates about what we’re looking forward to at HDFFA. 

Why a recurring donation you ask?

  1. A little bit adds up: Feel good about your total annual giving adding up to a more impactful contribution by committing to smaller monthly payments. A win-win! 
  2. Convenience: Set it and forget it! In less than 5 minutes you can set up a recurring donation on our webpage. Being able to support your favorite organization with a smaller monthly gift is both convenient and provides peace of mind that your investment in your community has been taken care of. 
  3. More money towards the programs: Have a recurring donor base allows HDFFA to decrease operating expenses associated with development efforts (marketing, postage, administrative expenses, etc), which means more investment into the programs you care about.
  4. Better connection: Our Field of Givers members get the chance to connect more often and more directly with our staff, board, and programs. We want to hear from you about why HDFFA matters to you and what you’d like to see moving forward. We’re all ears!

As a member of our Field of Givers Program, we know you support us in our belief that everyone deserves good food and that our food connects us to each other; and your contributions help make that possible.

To join our Field of Givers Program, you can set up a recurring donation today at or contact us at to learn more.

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