Farewell, Meiko!

We know that change can be good – loose change found in one’s pocket, the changing seasons that bring new foods or fresh snows – both examples of change that we can get behind. Change in the form of a saying goodbye to a colleague who has been with us since the get-go, well… we’ll try to romain calm, but it’s going to be tough!

If you’ve had the pleasure of interacting with Meiko Lunetta, you know that her passion for local food spills into every facet of her being. As HDFFA’s Food Access Program Manager, Meiko worked tenaciously to connect people with locally grown nutritious vegetables and fruits. In a recent radio piece, the interviewer stopped after one of Meiko’s responses and described for the listeners what she was seeing: Meiko was responding to a question, her smile was so big that there was no doubting her passion and love for the work that she does.

If you’ve had the opportunity to volunteer on a gleaning trip, bringing in thousands of pounds of salvaged food for the local Food Bank, if you donated leftover food from your farm stand at the end of market days, or if you happened to attend an event that Meiko was heading, then you probably saw that same enthusiasm, even at the end of a long summer day. This enthusiasm is magnetic, from creating the Fresh Harvest Kit to hosting meals with friends, Meiko truly walks the walk and embodies our vision as an organization: that food should be accessible to everyone, and that our food connects us to each other.  She is a team player, always lending a helping hand and going the extra mile with an expansive knowledge of the local food system.

After four years with HDFFA, Meiko is ready to explore some of her other passions yet remain connected to Central Oregons food and farm community. She’ll be continuing her work as an event planner, and expanding her entrepreneurial aspirations with her new business Little Moon Catering and Events. Want to keep in touch? You can find her on Instagram (@meikolunetta) or drop her an email, meikolunetta@gmail.com.

You’re going to be a chard person to replace, Meiko.

With gratitude, HDFFA.

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