Chef-Led Cooking Classes

Our Chef-Led Cooking Classes

Learn secrets to cooking from Central Oregon chefs!  These classes are hosted by HDFFA and led by regional chefs who will tantalize your taste buds through cooking demos featuring locally sourced ingredients. Each 2-hour class will feature at least one local farm.

Pay it Forward

The best part, these classes are BUY ONE GIVE ONE.  This means that for every ticket sold, HDFFA enrolls a family in our free Cooking Matters program held throughout Central Oregon each spring and fall. This model allows us to pay it forward.

Purchase a Ticket

Tickets are $85 per person, $150 for a couple/pair.  Class size is limited to 10-12 people.

2019 Class Schedule

Bounties of Bread Making, Jackson’s Corner
March 16, 5-8pm

Head Baker at Jackson’s Corner
How do you get that perfect, chewy, golden crust on bread? Join us as we rise to the occasion and learn about the leavening secrets as taught by a seasoned baker and local bread winner.  Learn how to make bread with great ingredients, be inspired by  fermented breads and how to have fresh bread every day.

Chef Nickol Cady of Foxtail Bakeshop & Kitchen
May 19, Time TBD

Owner and Chef at Foxtail Bakeshop & Kitchen 
This class will be taught by the ever talented Nickol Cady, owner, chef and baker at Foxtail Bakeshop & Kitchen. Foxtail Bakeshop is a boutique small batch from scratch Bakeshop & Kitchen serving Brunch in the heart of Bend.  The theme for this class is yet to be determined but get ready for some amazingly tasty treats!

Stay Tuned

July, September and November TBD


Meiko Lunetta

Gift Certificates Available

These make great gifts for anyone on your list!  Choose gift certificate on the sign up form and we will mail one to you.

Past Classes

Nourishing Ramen with Anna Witham
Root Cellar

Anna Witham shows you secrets of nourishing bone broth, how to craft hand-made ramen noodles and how to cook with unique flavors that will take your senses on a journey.  One of Anna’s greatest pleasures in life is found in carefully creating food that spreads joy and nourishes family and friends.

November – Braising Beef with Brian Kerr of Deschutes Brewery

Brian Kerr will teach you how to prepare beef skirt steak, pork tenderloin and a pumpkin budnt cake.  Local farm products include Boundless Farmstead, Barley Beef and Home Farm Foods. After cooking you and fellow attendees will sit and enjoy the homemade masterpiece paired with delicious wine.

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