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2 Sisters Ranch
100% Full Blood Wagyu Beef. We use sustainable grazing practices on our ranch in Tumalo. Our animals are grass-fed, raised with no hormones and no antibiotics (unless needed for health reasons). We are committed to maintaining a stress free, healthy environment for our herd. We are a small family run business with a limited supply of the best meat available anywhere in the country. We use an Animal Welfare Approved Facility to maintain our commitment to gentle animal husbandry.

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Bluestone Natural Farms
12555 SW Hwy 126
Powell Butte
Year round. Variable hours best to call and verify someone will be availabe to assist you.
We are a family run farm that thrives on educating the public about sustainable living. We welcome farm visits. We offer pork, beef, eggs, chicks, goat milk/soap, plants, vegetables, jams, relish, pickled beets, jewelry, quilts and crafts. We are also an event venue!

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Boundless Farmstead
25360 Walker Rd.
Please call or visit website for information
Dedicated to the earth, to our community, and to growing the best damn food we can. We use sustainable practices to grow chemical-free vegetables, poultry, and eggs.

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Casad Family Farms, LLC
2595 NW Elm Ln.
Family Farm growing USDA Certified Organic crops including potatoes, onions, beets, carrots, garlic, winter squash and corn. We also raise farmstead grass feed beef and hogs raised with hay and grains grown on farm.

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USDA Certified Organic
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Cascade Mountain Pastures
18130 Hwy 126
Ranch visits and sales by appt.
Grass-fed lamb raised without antibiotics available year round. Free range eggs, goat and beef available at the ranch.

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Cathy’s Beaks and Snouts
2663 NE Sunset View Ln.
Mon-Sun, 8am-5pm
We raise Berkshire hogs, Broad Breasted Bronze turkeys, and grass-fed beef. Animals are free range with no antibiotics. We strive to let our birds and animals live their best life!

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Central Oregon Ostrich
7600 SW Quarry Ave.
by appt.
Ostrich is a red meat, high in iron, naturally low in saturated fat and, compared to ground beef, contains 50% less fat per serving. Our ostrich yearlings are finished on brewer’s grains from local breweries.

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Central Oregon Wagyu
7500 SW Canal Blvd.,
All grass-fed, and grass finished Wagyu beef. No hormones, no antibiotics. We deliver to Bend and Redmond for orders over $50. Farm fresh eggs and pork in limited supply. Find out more product and farm info on our website.

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On-farm/U-Pick/Roadside Stand
Cinder Butte Meat Co.
197 NW O’Neil Way
Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm; Sat, 8am-2pm
We are a butcher shop. We cut and wrap your meat as requested. We are also a retail meat shop with smoked meats, aged beef, pork, lamb and chicken products.
Clover Canyon Farm
May-Oct, Wed & Sun, 11am-3pm
Clover Canyon Farm is a women-owned micro-farm growing produce, poultry, and eggs. We have a passion for producing fresh, chemical-free, delicious food for our family and community. Our happy and healthy poultry is free range, non-GMO fed, and no antibiotics. We are a no-till/low-till farm and take great care to tend to our High Desert soil via composting and biodynamic practices.

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Crooked River Bison Ranch
Open daily 9am-5pm for retail meat sales. Please call for an appt.
The extra care we put into our grass-fed ranching practices ensures the bison meat on your dinner plate is of the highest quality. We adhere to our strictly-defined ranching standards so you can enjoy the tastiest, most flavorful bison meat available.

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Crump Ranch
2940 NW 74th St.
Mon-Sun, 7am-7pm
We offer free range, grass-fed Angus beef.

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DD Ranch, LLC
3836 NE Smith Rock Way
Please call ahead to schedule a visit, we aim to be available!
Grass-fed beef, grass-fed lamb, heritage pork, raw local honey, eggs, rhubarb, petting zoo, play areas. Fall pumpkin patch, field trips, parties and weddings.

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Double F Ranch
Monthly deliveries to Bend
Fifth-generation ranch offering year-round, pastured meat CSA with grass-finished beef and lamb (optional), pastured pork and poultry, and free-range eggs. Homegrown corn and soy-free feed. Farmstead soaps and wool products.

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Freedom Rock Farms
22225 Bear Creek Rd.
We work 7 days a week!
We pride ourselves on raising completely antibiotic and hormone-free meat. Our animals have unlimited access to fresh air and exercise. You can taste the happiness.

Meat & Poultry

On-farm/U-Pick/Roadside Stand|Direct to consumer
Golden Eagle Organics
62900 Eagle Rd.
by appt.
Organically raised, Animal Welfare Approved, Certified Grass-fed lamb and goat meat. We grow Organic produce and berries too.

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Animal Welfare Approved
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HolmesStead Ranch
24075 E Hwy 20
Mon-Fri, after 5pm; Sat-Sun, all day
We are a small family run farm/ranch located east of Bend. We raise wholesome goat, pork, chickens and turkeys we can proudly say we do not use any antibiotics or growth hormones. We grow a variety of fresh vegetables in season.

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Holy Cow
We’re a new small-scale, non-profit that grew from the desire to feed our own families good, honest beef. Our mission is to provide locally raised, grass-fed and finished beef that does good locally and globally. Beef shares include 1/4, 1/2, and whole options.

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Home Farm Foods
7085 SW Kent Ln.
Farm visit upon request. Online Order always open.
Home Farm Foods has certified Animal Welfare Approved laying hens, grass-fed and finished beef, and pastured pork that work in harmony to leave the land better than before. We sell our products at farmers markets, direct to consumers, and wholesale to restaurants.

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Larkin Valley Ranch
PO Box 1152
Ranch visits by appointment only please! But you sure are welcome to visit!
We are a 3rd generation run Central Oregon Ranch raising quality beef direct to you from our Angus Cross beef cattle herd. Our cattle are grass fed & finished without antibiotics, hormones or steroids. You can taste the quality in our meat as we practice stress free ranching.

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