Crown C Farms, LLC

Crown C Farms, LLC
Business Name: Crown C Farms, LLC
Address: 2609 Odem Ave.
Business Hours: Stand open Sat- Sun, 11am-4pm during growing season (usually starts late June)
Description: Crown C Farms LLC is a specialty vegetable farm. We grow squash, peppers, potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes and other crops. We provide direct sales to grocery stores, produce stands and wholesalers. Our farmstand is open on the weekends. Crown C Farms is also the sole provider of Sunchoke for the Iler Crossing Topinambur Spirit.
What We Offer:


Where we sell our products: Institution or School|On-farm/U-Pick/Roadside Stand|Retailer/Grocer|Restaurant|Direct to consumer
ZIP Code: Terrebonne
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