Get a Taste of This Place!

We know that the sunshine, soil, and farmers of Central Oregon produce some of the most delicious, unique foods around, and we’re inviting you to Get a Taste of this Place.

The “Get a Taste of This Place” campaign includes the “Get A Taste” logo found in markets, restaurants, and food trucks – it’s a clue that local food is nearby! “This campaign is about helping people choose local,” says market researcher Clint Nye, whose local company conducted interviews all across Central Oregon to gather consumer opinions and attitudes about local food.

The two things we found in our research were that people don’t know what grows in Central Oregon, and that they don’t know where to find it. – Clint Nye


To remind Central Oregonians about the variety of local food produced right here, HDFFA produced a colorful “Top 10 Locally Grown Foods” poster showing when over 35 Central Oregon crops are ripe and available. Easy-to-spot signage produced by HDFFA is headed for display at grocery stores, restaurants and wherever local food is sold.

“The ‘Get a Taste’ logo is a way for you to be sure that you are supporting local farmers when you shop, and the quickest way to be sure you are getting local, fresh, nutrient-dense food” according to Laurie Wayne, HDFFA’s Farm Support Program Coordinator.

Help us build momentum!

For consumers: Help us spread the word by looking for the logo, telling businesses and farms how much you like the logo, and using the tags #getatasteofthisplace, #getataste, and #tastethisplace on social media.

For Farmers, ranchers, or business partners: Keep an eye out for your custom logo and other materials, coming soon! Use the logo to mark YOUR local products, and teach your customers to look for the logo all around the tri-county area. Be sure to tag using the tags #getatasteofthisplace, #getataste, and #tastethisplace when promoting your product – we’ll re-post for you!

As always, use the High Desert Food and Farm Directory as your guide to sourcing locally grown, raised, and crafted foods here in Central Oregon!

If you would like information about how to get your free poster or would like to follow the campaign, please contact us using the form below! 

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