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The Challenge

Our 3rd annual Local Food Challenge connects us to the producers of our food.  We are asking you to eat, buy, find or write about local food every day and learn more about Central Oregon’s bounty along the way!

What is local?

For the HDFFA, local includes products grown, raised or crafted in Crook, Deschutes and Jefferson Counties.  This includes salad greens grown by a local farmer, beef raised by a local rancher, and jams and jellies made right here with local ingredients.

How to Participate

Click on the button to the left and every day from Oct 1-7th we’ll send you mini-challenges (trivia and actions you can take such as photo or recipe submissions).  The more challenges you do the better your odds of winning!

Local Food Deals!

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Why should I do this?

The more we buy and eat Central Oregon food, the more our community benefits.

  • Local food tastes better. The distance from the farm to your plate is shorter, so the food is fresher – and you can taste the difference!
  • Local food is better for you. Farmers that grow food for their community harvest their products at the peak of perfection which retains far more of its nutritional integrity.
  • It strengthens the whole community. When your money is spent locally, more of it stays here. A stronger local economy means more jobs and a better future for the next generation.

 Win Daily Prizes

Each day we send you an email with easy, fun challenges.  For every question you answer, photo you post or recipe you provide you get up to 5 points a day, and are entered to win the daily prize.

  • $20 of fresh local food

Grand Prize

Each time you earn a point you are entered to win the grand prize. So, of course, the more challenges you take the more likely you are to win!

  • $100 of fresh local food
  • Chef-led cooking class for you and friends
  • Locally crafted food basket
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