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2018 Local Food Champions

High Desert Food & Farm Alliance would like to recognize food businesses going above and beyond with local food sourcing and contributions to our Central Oregon community. HDFFA considers local to be food grown, raised and crafted in the Central Oregon high desert. Our farm and ranch [...]

Healthy Meal Kits

The following is an article from the Bend Bulletin. For the full article, click here. Fifteen paper bags sat on a table in the Westside Church food pantry Thursday, each one full of canned chili, large yellow squash and kale. Attached to every bag was a recipe for chili boats, which requires [...]

Farmers Market Season

Farmers markets are in full swing with a different Central Oregon farmers market in play nearly every day of the week. Explore your local farmers market options on our online directory. Are you shopping at your local farmer’s market? Here are some reasons why we think farmers markets are the [...]

Rethinking Food Waste

Here is an awesome article from the Environmental Center all about Food Waste Awareness! Read the full article here or see below for some of the highlights including info about Grow & Give: HDFFA’s fresh food drive at farmers markets. THE EPA’S FOOD: TOO GOOD TO WASTE CHALLENGE Here [...]

Veggie Rx Comes to Bend

“We want people to value good local food and support local farms,” Brzozowski said. “We want to start the conversation that food is medicine.” Read on below or check out the full Bend Bulletin article here. A new program in Bend is allowing health care providers to prescribe fruits and [...]

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