Willow Creek

Willow Creek

The Madras Willow Creek Community Garden is located on the corner of 10th and B Street and was established by the Community Health Improvement Partnership (C.H.I.P.) in 2007 to promote a healthy community, provide food for families and create recreational and therapeutic opportunities for the community. Volunteers coordinated through C.H.I.P. maintain the garden and garden plots are available to anyone interested, but the number of plots is limited. A portion of the produce is donated to community food banks, community kitchens, community food vans, missions, churches, senior residential parks and anywhere else it’s needed. The garden is also used for educational purposes for our local youth programs.  There are 20 plots, with the average size 4’X8’.  Organic practices are used. Online registration is through Mountain View Hospital or by contacting Beth Ann Beamer.  Some tools are available including garden carts.

Beth Ann Beamer or Annie Ayres
P: (541) 460-4023 or (541) 390-0487

Last update provided in 2014

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