Kansas Ave. Learning Garden

Kansas Ave. Learning Garden

The learning garden is built on a former vacant city lot next to The Environmental Center and features 18 youth built garden beds of varying sizes, additional food growing containers, a flower garden, community art, and a large hoop house greenhouse.  Amity Elementary School 4th graders design, plan and plant the larger garden beds and the pick me beds located out front for public harvest.  Students return in the fall as 5th graders for harvesting and passing the garden on to the new 4th graders. The garden is also utilized by other schools for one time or ongoing service projects. Boys & Girls Club kids walk over for programming to maintain and harvest in the garden over the summer. Food not eaten by children in the garden is donated to The Family Kitchen. 3 3’x6’ beds are currently open to community members located close by with more public beds planned for the garden in the future as it is built out.  Community work parties in the spring and fall contribute to the garden’s success, as well as partnerships with local Master Gardeners and other volunteers.

Name: Denise Rowcroft

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