Specialty Foods (spices, toffee, sauces, etc.)

Holm Made Toffee Co.
1470 NE 1st St., Ste. 800, Bend

Holm Made Toffee Co. specializes in small, handmade batches of toffee. We use Oregon hazelnuts in every batch and offer assorted flavors including: Original, Lavender, Himalayan Pink Salt, Espresso, Red Pepper, Cardamom Vanilla and seasonal specials. Visit our website or find us at local farmers markets.

Proudly processing in Central Oregon and Sourcing From:  Savory Spice Shop, Tumalo Lavender, and Central Oregon Locavore
Online or find us at local farmers markets! At physical location by appt. only

Honest Baking
1470 NE 1st Street, Ste. 700, Bend

Gluten free (certified gluten free by GFCI) bakery specializing in artisan baked goods including cookies, tea breads, brownies and pizza dough.
Proudly sourcing from: Agricultural Connections.

Go to our website for dates and times as well as places to go for updated info.

Josie’s Best Gluten Free

Gluten Free Dry mixes for home a restaurant use. GF Pancake, GF Waffle, GF Crepe available.
Proudly processing in Central Oregon.
Local Deliveries available. Please visit website for market availability.

Justy’s Jelly
836 SW 12th St., Redmond

Handmade in small batches in Redmond. Our ingredients come from Oregon, Northwest and
beyond to create delicious sweet and spicy jellies. We are an all natural, gluten free, kosher company. Our jellies are wonderful to use as a spread, marinade or glaze for artisan breads, cheeses and meats!

Proudly processing in Central Oregon.
By appt. only

Savory Spice
375 SW Powerhouse Dr., Ste. 110, Bend

Savory Spice has gourmet spice blends and fresh spices ground and blended daily in small batches to ensure the highest quality and superior freshness. Choose from more than 160 gourmet spice blends and 300 fresh spices and herbs from traditional spices and seasonings to signature Savory creations.
Mon-Sat, 10am-8pm; Sun, 11am-6pm

Southwest Salsa Co.
60499 Zuni Rd., Bend

We started our gourmet salsa business in Arizona because we were tired of seeing the same local grocery store salsa looking and tasting the same. You know the names, the ones that sell so many other products they forgot to keep the salsa authentic for your family and party guests.

Proudly processing in Central Oregon.
Mon-Sat, 9am-6pm; see website for more info and product locations