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Our Mission

To support Central Oregon’s food system by fostering relationships between producers and consumers, increasing awareness of and access to food from our region, and cultivating community participation with local food.

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Buy Local

When you buy local your support our farmers and food businesses, your money circulates in our community and creates a stronger, healthier community.  Search our online Food & Farm Directory for locally grown, raised, and crafted food.


You are the key to our success!  Our volunteer opportunities not only benefit our programs and participants but also our community and you. Learn more about our volunteer opportunities, and choose what fits best for you.


HDFFA relies on financial contributions from individuals like you. Every penny of your tax deductible donation supports HDFFA’s programs to increase access to fresh health food for everyone!



Meet our Team

OUR TEAM includes our wonderful staff and Board of Directors, who are volunteer citizens
representing different sectors of the food system in Crook, Deschutes and Jefferson counties.

  • Katrina Van Dis
    Katrina Van Dis Executive Director
  • Jess Weiland
    Jess Weiland Food & Farm Director
  • Megan French
    Megan French Social Media Guru
  • Shaili Parekh
    Shaili Parekh Project Assistant
  • Marielle Gold
    Marielle Gold Nutrition Wellness Consultant

We support family farms and local businesses to increase community access to healthy local foods.
We also empower people with the skills they need to shop, cook or grow their own food. Because everyone deserves to eat healthy.

Board Members

  • Laura Moss
    Laura Moss Board Chair, Community-At-Large, Deshutes
  • Shannon Sbarra
    Shannon Sbarra Treasurer, Farmer, Volcano Veggies
  • Jane Sabin-Davis
    Jane Sabin-Davis Secretary, Community-At-Large, Deschutes
  • Board Members
    Board Members Meet all our Board Members

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